I (heart) the RDFers

15 August, 2005

Every time anyone dares to question RDF the RDFites assume they don’t know how it works.

That’s a really bad state of affairs, but also one that I’ve fortunately never encountered. All the RDFers I’ve spoken too (although I confess it’s not many) have been polite and willing to explain things in ever decreasing complexity until I finally understand what they’re talking about, including sending me code samples, and long drawn-out explanations which they’ve clearly written many times before.

On the other hand, I’ve read an awful lot about RDF zealots, the rudeness of RDFers and how RDF might be fine, but it’s the attitude of RDF proponents which really puts people off.

If I was coming to RDF new, I’d be reading this stuff and going “oh, well, even if RDF’s great, I’ll never be able to get any support from the community, they sound like real nutcases. I’d better use OPML instead.”

I think that’s sad, and from what I’ve experienced, undeserved, so hopefully this will give Google a slightly more balanced opinion. 🙂

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