Scrum in web teams – an apology

A few months ago at the Institutional Web Manager’s Workshop I helped run a session on PRINCE2 and Scrum with Peter Barnes from the University of Reading.

I was terrible.

At the start of the session we collected several common problems that people face on their projects. From memory, these included:

  • missed deadlines
  • incomplete specs
  • feature creep
  • under-resourcing
  • no requirement to finish (managers don’t care about the project)

I failed to address any of these points, managing only to give a reasonably poor overview of Scrum as a whole, making both myself and Scrum look bad.

I plan on addressing the issues above in a series of blog posts tagged with “iwmw2010” which was the hashtag for the event to try and cover what I should have done at the time. Feel free to subscribe to the feed for just that content!

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