What is Scrum?

A first-pass set of definitions, in increasing order of cynicism:

Scrum is a methodology designed to help an organisation deliver a product every few weeks rather than every few years.

Scrum is a set of rituals intended to prevent motivated, clever people from becoming cowboy coders. It channels agile behaviour into a predictable cycle of deliverables at a given level of quality.

Scrum is a set of processes designed to be adopted by organisations who want to find out if their staff can ‘do’ agile.

Scrum is a form of project management where neither the start nor the end of the project are defined.

What definitions have I missed out?

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4 thoughts on “What is Scrum?”

  1. Scrum is a Project Management method which forces customers to think about what is really most important to them. It forces the customer to realise that not everything can be a #1 priority…

  2. Sorry that probably sounds rather bitter and cynical. In my experience the implementation of scrum in an organisation tends to be about a better way of the project manager managing his boss and the customer than really changing the way a project is managed.

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