Logging database content changes in a Play Framework app

20 June, 2012

To do this we use Hibernate Envers.

There are 3 easy steps to adding change logging to the data in your existing Play Framework app (I am using 1.2.4 – version 2 may well be different):

  1. Add the library
  2. Add the standard configuration
  3. Add an annotation to each class where you want to track data changes

Add the library in conf/dependencies.yml

    - play
    - play -> crud
    - org.hibernate -> hibernate-envers 3.6.1.Final:
            - org.hibernate -> hibernate-tools
            - org.beanshell -> bsh 2.0b4
            - freemarker -> freemarker 2.3.8
            - org.hibernate -> jtidy r8-20060801
            - ant -> ant 1.6.5

Add the Envers configuration to conf/application.conf

# Hibernate Envers Auditing Library conf,org.hibernate.envers.event.AuditEventListener,org.hibernate.envers.event.AuditEventListener,org.hibernate.envers.event.AuditEventListener

Add an annotation to each class you want to audit

import org.hibernate.envers.Audited;

public class Book extends Model {
  public String title;
  public String author;
  public String description;

If you run up your app and make a change to an entity you will see a new table appear in your database. If your entity table is BOOK your new table will be BOOK_AUD. It contains a version reference (a normalised reference to a new revinfo table containing the timestamp of that audit entry) and the values of all the fields on the entity after the changes were saved.

You can go wild on the config by auditing only particular fields on an entity (just add @Audited to those fields), or adding new fields to the audit log (like who made the change or what method was called to do it), and change the name of table suffix.

It’s also quite simple to retrieve the list of versions, and this has been written up quite clearly by Matthieu Guillermin (it’s in French but Google Translate does a good job, and you can read the code anyway).

All of this information had already been written in several places, but hopefully this has brought it together in a useful way.

My config changes are from and by Marc Deschamps.

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24 April, 2014 at 12:08

Hi Phil thank you for your grate post about the integration of the Envers in Play 1.2.4.

I’m trying to run Envers in Play 2.2.2 but it seem that your instruction is not enough for the new version. After making some changes (update or save) on Entities annotated with @Audited nothing happens in the database schema :-(.

Could you please write some short notes about the integration of Envers in Play 2.2.2? I would be very appreciate, if you could help me.

Best regards,

24 April, 2014 at 21:39

Hi couda, I’m afraid I don’t know how to use Envers with Play 2.2.2, I’ve not even used it!