Preparing to move from Wordpress to Zola

15 February, 2024

In Feb 2021 I said I was planning on moving from WordPress to Zola. I am still not done. Eking the work out really hasn’t worked. Who’d have thought?

If I didn’t care about maintaining URLs then I would probably be done by now, but I do because, y’know, I desperately want to be cool.

So, important URLs to maintain in priority order:

  1. Main entry point (/blog)
  2. Individual post entry URL (/blog/year/month/title)
  3. Feed URL (/blog/feed)
  4. Year URL (/blog/year/)
  5. Month URL(/blog/year/month)

Nice to have URLs:

  1. Tag URL (/blog/tag/tagname)

URLs I’m going to ignore:

  1. Category URLs (/blog/category/catname/) – I’ll merge this with tags
  2. All pagination URLs (blog/page/x/)

Of the URLs I want to keep only the feed URL looks impossible – I don’t think Zola can create a feed at two levels deep, which means I’ll need a rewrite, which needs I’ll need a host which supports rewrites which I thought meant I’d have to actually get a proper host (like Hetzner’s CAX11) but actually it looks like my plan of hosting on Cloudflare Pages is still good to go because they support redirects!

I’m using a custom plugin to get my content out of WordPress in the first place. I’ll write about that another time.

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