1. Shaving
    Published on 05 January in general me shaving
  2. Sinatra from scratch
    Published on 16 January in mongrel rack ruby ruby sinatra
  3. Papercamp and music
    Published on 18 January in general mp3 papernet qr
  4. Bristol Ruby User Group
    Published on 22 January in bristol brug general ruby
  5. Disable system bell in msys
    Published on 08 February in general git msys
  6. Micropayments are a mistake
    Published on 10 February in bbc general micropayments news
  7. Bazaar and Git
    Published on 05 March in bazaar bzr general git
  8. NewsGator + Venus?
    Published on 09 March in feeddemon general newsgator planet python syndication ubuntu wxvenus wxwidgets
  9. Twitter on Ubuntu - use Gwibber
    Published on 10 March in general linux tools twitter ubuntu
  10. Money is dull
    Published on 22 March in general houses money moving
  11. Sending files to Ubuntu Intrepid over bluetooth
    Published on 23 March in bluetooth general linux mobile
  12. venus-ng
    Published on 28 March in general python syndication venus
  13. Storing feedparser objects in couchdb
    Published on 31 March in couchdb general python syndication
  14. CouchDB in desktop applications
    Published on 04 April in couchdb general python venus wxvenus
  15. HTML rendering is hard
    Published on 20 April in general wxvenus wxwidgets
  16. Ruby and memcached in Bristol
    Published on 22 April in bristol general memcached ruby
  17. Things I own today that I did not own yesterday
    Published on 07 June in garden general house
  18. Github worries me
    Published on 18 July in general git svn
  19. HTML 5
    Published on 25 July in general html5 web
  20. How curious are humans?
    Published on 27 July in general
  21. Photo-frame dashbaord
    Published on 07 August in general
  22. No more NewsGator, no Google Reader API
    Published on 09 August in general newsgator syndication
  23. Life-changing
    Published on 08 November in baby daniel general
  24. Importing Nokia podcast subscriptions into Google Reader
    Published on 03 December in general google reader n95 nokia opml syndication
  25. Setting up the Play framework on Google App Engine
    Published on 14 December in gae general java play