1. Habit forming
    Published on 09 January in bike general habits
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  8. RSS for fun and the public good
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  9. Art and science
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  10. Web publishing for yourself
    Published on 17 March in blogging cms general indieweb tools
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  12. WordPress is gone, static site blogging with Zola is here
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  14. Hilarious blog editing malarky
    Published on 17 April in zola incompetence
  15. Very weaknotes
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    Published on 26 April in general sass
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  18. Yarr is an easy-to-run web-based RSS reader
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  19. Publish your blogroll
    Published on 03 May in opml
  20. Books of April 2024
    Published on 13 May in books
  21. Two lost decades
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  24. AI boosters in lack of ethics shocker
    Published on 15 June in ai ethics