1. Listening to podcasts
    Published on 03 January in general mobile mp3 syndication
  2. Channel 4 mashup competition (late notice)
    Published on 07 January in general
  3. A rough transcript of Richard Clayton's BBC interview
    Published on 19 January in general identity real
  4. Safeguarding our data
    Published on 20 January in general gov identity
  5. Web Developers continue to pay for IE5
    Published on 22 January in general web
  6. Struts2 + Hibernate + Spring
    Published on 22 January in general java
  7. The point of distraction
    Published on 24 January in general linux
  8. Does the government need to be more beta?
    Published on 27 January in general gov
  9. Vista sidebar is annoying
    Published on 28 January in general ui vista
  10. Joel is old
    Published on 29 January in general mobile
  11. USB backups
    Published on 12 February in backup general
  12. Things I want to do in 2008
    Published on 24 February in general todo
  13. Upgrade Nokia N95 to v20 firmware
    Published on 25 February in general mobile n95 nokia
  14. C64 on the Wii
    Published on 26 February in games general
  15. OpenTech 2008 announced
    Published on 27 February in general opentech
  16. BBC Podcasts as OPML
    Published on 29 February in general mp3 syndication
  17. wxVenus
    Published on 17 March in bzr general python syndication wxvenus
  18. Setting up Trac on Debian Etch with Apache 1.3 (a brief guide)
    Published on 21 March in general linux python tools trac web
  19. Bugtracking
    Published on 27 March in bugtracking general management wxvenus
  20. I need awesomebar everywhere
    Published on 06 April in general xul
  21. The computer science turing test
    Published on 14 April in general sql
  22., Flickr Uploadr 3.0 and XUL
    Published on 16 April in flickr general xul
  23. Revisiting Flickr Uploadr v3
    Published on 19 April in flickr general thisisbroken
  24. Internet contention
    Published on 23 April in broadband general home
  25. Aggregating people
    Published on 28 April in foaf general syndication tools
  26. Personal Arduino failure
    Published on 02 May in arduino general
  27. Context matters
    Published on 07 May in general syndication
  28. Grouping disparate feeds by a common author
    Published on 11 May in general
  29. Wanted: Reactive Agent Frank
    Published on 28 May in general xul
  30. Dear Parliament, you will lose
    Published on 01 June in general gov
  31. My wiki is a ghetto
    Published on 16 June in general search wiki
  32. Preparing for Mashed08
    Published on 20 June in general mashed08
  33. Being a good developer
    Published on 24 June in coding general management
  34. Symbian to go open source
    Published on 24 June in general mobile nokia opensource symbian ui
  35. Mashed08 Review - attempt 1
    Published on 25 June in bbc general mashed08
  36. All BBC programmes have a QR code
    Published on 26 June in bbc general qrcodes
  37. An Adventure in Technology
    Published on 28 June in bristol geek general techadventure
  38. Are pensioners the new revolutionaries?
    Published on 29 June in general gov
  39. Opentech 2008
    Published on 06 July in general gov opentech opentech08
  40. On eating good food
    Published on 06 July in food general
  41. Wordpress video embedding for the lose
    Published on 07 July in general wordpress
  42. IWMW 2008: sack your web services team now
    Published on 20 July in general iwmw iwmw2008
  43. Personal finance tracking
    Published on 28 July in banks general money wesabe
  44. wxVenus, FeedDemon and Vista
    Published on 16 August in general syndication tools
  45. Google Chrome
    Published on 03 September in chrome eeeeevil general google
  46. A bit of politics
    Published on 21 September in general gov
  47. Cross-platform browser launcher for Ruby?
    Published on 24 September in general ruby python
  48. Deskbot
    Published on 30 September in general jabber ruby wxruby xmpp
  49. Importing blog posts and comments from Blogger to Wordpress
    Published on 02 October in atom blogger general google oauth wordpress
  50. OpenID usability
    Published on 05 October in general openid ui
  51. FOWA 2008 first reactions
    Published on 12 October in fowa fowaexpo08 general
  52. Tiddlywiki, RippleRap and Confabb
    Published on 14 October in fowa general tiddlywiki wiki
  53. Server woes likely
    Published on 29 October in general
  54. Mai blog! It is back!
    Published on 18 November in apache bbc general iplayer ngingx
  55. Joel should stop blogging?
    Published on 19 November in general joel
  56. Keeping up with the lizards
    Published on 19 November in css firefox general javascript mozilla xul
  57. A tour of Parliament
    Published on 19 November in general uk
  58. Java makes me passionate
    Published on 20 November in apache general grails java play ruby struts2
  59. A fork in the twitter?
    Published on 27 November in general twitter
  60. Lighthouse theme for Trac
    Published on 22 December in bugtracker general greasemonkey lighthouse trac wiki